Don’t forget to bookmark this page as a favourtie site The whole family will love this website The internet has become part of modern life.  Most people use it on a daily basis to keep up with the news, contact friends and business colleagues, look up information on all manner of subjects and, well, just chill out. This site has gathered together safe information links for the most common activities that feature in our daily lives.  From keeping up to date with local and international news, checking on the weather, researching school projects, planning and booking travel, shopping, and a host of other activities, this site provides a simple resource to which you will want to return time and time again.  Whilst the internet is an amazing resource, it also can be a dangerous place as media stories often remind us.  As well as links, advice is available that will enhance the quality of your family’s safe web browsing experience and help you to avoid the pitfalls and dangers to which many unwittingly expose themselves. It is our hope that you find this website invaluable.  Please share the weblink URL with your friends and acquaintances.  CLICK YOUR TOPIC ON THE TOP SELECTION BAR AND THEN CHOOSE FROM THE OPTIONS DISPLAYED Some Advice Although every effort has been made to ensure that web links featuring on this site are clean and virus free, we do, however, recommend that you use up-to- date virus and adware checking keeping your firewall on at all times.